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Tamenglong Tourism

Tamenglong in Manipur  has some of the beautiful features presented by nature. The places is characterized by waterfalls, unexplored caves, tropical forests and natural beauty.

Khoudong waterfall

There are around seven waterfalls located in this district along the Barak River. Khoudong waterfall is one of them where one can see blue greenish water cascading from the top hills. One can also catch a glimpse of deer or monkey of one is lucky. This place is famous for river rafting and picnicking.

Tharon Cave

Tharon caveThis cave is located around 27 kms from Tamenglong. It is also spelled as ‘Thaeuluan Cave’. The cave is 655.6 meters in length and features 34 joints and five exits. Archaeological excavations in this site have revealed specimens related to Hobinian culture of North Vietnam. The map of the entire cave lies engraved in stone in its main entrance.

Zeilad Lake

The Zeilad Lake located in Makoi on the west bank of the Barak River in Tamenglong is a habitat of a number of birds, fishes and pythons. There are around six lakes in the vicinity of this lake namely Guiphop Zei, Nirou Zei, and Nap-sam Zei. The lake is located in a high platform above a hill. This legendary lake is recalled in many Naga myths. The lake is associated with Zeliangrong community in a legend which states that Haipou Jadonang sitting on a white elephant descended on the Zeilad Lake to get a medicine of immortality. One can also see a large number of migratory birds in this lake.

Buning (N-Piulong) Meadow

This meadow is located on the western side of the picturesque Tamei town. There are a number of uneven mounds and glittering brooks in the meadow stretch. During the month of June, the meadow basks in golden color with ground orchids and wild lilies growing on it. One can hear the cry of the Hollock Gibbon, the chirping of birds and howling of foxes in the meadow.

Mt. Kisha

This mountain is locally known as Kachakhou and is located about 1462 meters above sea level. It is located in Magulong village of Tamenglong district. The peak which stands majestic and is formed of sedimentary rock structure is considered sacred by the Zeliangrong people. There is a saying among the villagers that drinking and taking bath in the water found in the cave of Mt. Kisha can cure ailments and gives a soothing feeling to the body and mind. This peak has a historical significance in that the Naga freedom fighter Rani Gaidinliu hid in this peak while on the run from the British in 1932 and from the Indian army on 1961. The mountain and the peak is a feast for mountaineers and trekkers.

Kadai Ching

This mountain is located about 1 km from the Tamenglong town and is a landmark of the town. There is a cross atop the mountain which was erected by the churches of the Tamenglog town and serves as a prayer center for the people. One can have a panoramic glimpse of the Tamenglong town from the top of this mountain.

How to reach

By Air: The nearest airport is located in Imphal.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is in Daotuhaja railway station at a distance of 49 kms away. Another railhead is located in Dimapur at a distance of 215 kms.

By Road:
Tamenglong is situated around 49 kms from state capital Imphal. The National Highway 53 passes through this district.

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